Ehrensache WHF

Sache was originally purchased as an unstarted 3 1/2 year old as a secondary prospect, while Stephany was focusing her attentions more on another young horse she gained at the same time. The thought at the time was that Sache would end up being a nice sales prospect, but as things started to fall apart with the first young horse, Sache got his chance to stand on center stage. Stephany started Sache herself, with only a few weeks of assistance from a professional cowboy about 6 months into the training.

From the Ehrenpreis lineage, Sache can be difficult at times, due to his over alert temperament and noise sensitivity, but over the years he has grown and matured into a steadier mount. He has taken a few turns over gymnastics, likes to do work over cavalettis and in hand work, and enjoys going on long hacks (with other horse friends) around the neighborhood, but truly shines in the competition arena. Currently schooling 3rd and 4th level, Sache is related to one of Isabelle Werth's current Grand Prix mounts, Emilio - we feel confident that that same amazing talent runs through the family, and look forward to seeing him in the FEI ring in the next few years.