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Serendipity Dressage offers lessons, horse training, and clinics that help riders and horses reach their full potential. By combining classical training tenets, a deep understanding of biomechanics, and a life-long love for horses, we provide a positive learning environment where horses and riders thrive. 

It's not often that professional equestrians are both gifted at teaching riders and talented at training horses. Stephany Fish combines teaching and training into one harmonious package. She blends years of classical dressage training and a deep knowledge of biomechanics to produce horse and rider partnerships who are confident, competitive, athletic, and happy to do their jobs day-in, day-out. And, by instilling proper horsemanship fundamentals and customized groundwork and mounted exercises, she ensures every rider she teaches and every horse she trains emerges one (or many!) step closer to their goals.


"A to X" Dressage Services


rider training

A lifelong learner herself, her passion for consistent improvement is contagious. Your goals become her goals, and she'll help you reach them no matter what (or how long) it takes.

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Horse Training

Stephany has more than two decades of horse training experience and a proven record of producing athletic, sane, and expressive dressage horses from training level through FEI.


biomechanics clinics

As one of only nine accredited "Ride with Your Mind" biomechanics instructors in North America, Stephany Fish brings unparalleled body awareness, simplicity, and transparency to riders of all levels.


competition coaching

Whether you need a calm and confident coach onsite at shows, an experienced trainer and rider for your dressage horse, or a step-by-step strategy to reach your competitive goals, Stephany can help.


Who We Are

Serendipity Dressage was founded by Stephany Fish, a gifted communicator and instructor who believes every rider and horse can shine with fair, firm, kind and clear direction. She is based in Brooksville/Tampa Bay Area, Florida but travels across the U.S. training horses and riders through lessons, clinics, and competitions.


Success Stories

Every horse is unique, and each one holds a special place in Stephany's heart. Learn more about some of her favorite "heart horses," like Ehrensache WHF and Dante's Rhythm RF, including their training evolution, competitive accomplishments, and even their unique quirks!


What We Do

We're an adult-focused teaching, training, showing, clinic and boutique sales business. But, what does that really mean? We position bodies to be more effective. We encourage joyful learning. We rebuild shaky confidences. We hold students accountable. And we laugh (a lot).


Training Tip

Think of your horse's body as a color spectrum. The tail is a midnight blue. Directly under your seat is royal blue. The muzzle is sky blue. When your horse is behind your leg (i.e. lagging), he turns dark blue. When he rushes through your hands, he turns light blue. When he's perfectly balanced, he turns royal blue. 

As you ride, ask yourself "what color is my horse right now?" It's a simple way to diagnose what you're feeling underneath you, think in "degrees," and refine your corrections.


Ride with Joy

Finding a trainer you truly "click" with makes all the difference.You get an actionable plan to reach your goals. You get a fresh set of eyes and fresh perspective on you -- and your horse. You get a partner who wants to see you succeed -- and helps you have fun while you're at it.