Stephany has helped me enormously with training issues and upping my competition game. I encourage my students to work with her, as well, which not only helps them grow and improve, but gives me a fresh perspective from someone I trust.
— Jane Mendelsohn, eventing and dressage trainer, USDF bronze and Silver medalist

We all have those “ah ha!” moments when suddenly something clicks in your riding and you get a big bang for the small change. For me, it was the revelation that dressage lessons improve my cross country.
— Jennifer Wiedrick, CFO & Prelim Eventer

Stephany communicates with riders using non-equestrian experiences (e.g. skiing, biking) and creative word-pictures to help students simplify how they communicate with their horses. We’ve been blessed to host her clinics for 5+ years!
— Meggan Holloway, Owner & Trainer, Holloways pretty good horse barn

As a professional, I’ve ridden with Stephany for several years on my own horses, as well as my clients’ horses. She has a gift for identifying small adjustments in me which transform the quality of how the horse works in amazing ways. Stephany is kind and compassionate to horses and riders, fun, and extremely gifted as a horse trainer and instructor.
— Jane Mendelsohn, eventing and dressage trainer, USDF bronze and Silver medalist

She taught me proper position and reinforces that position often during our monthly lessons. I have been taught by many other instructors, and they’d only correct my position a few times. That meant I was riding unbalanced most of the time. Now, I’m balanced and my horse is sound.
— Michele Russell, Dressage Student

Stephany has the gift of a keen eye so she can help each individual instead of reusing a “one size fits all” approach. She honestly cares about each horse and rider.
— Hertha Lund, Dressage Student

During my dressage lesson, she taught me to lift my horse in the canter using my thighs. The next day, I applied the same aid over a big log and WOW! There was my horse with a powerful short stride, back up, and a beautiful jump into the water. I wish I’d learned this ten years ago!
— Jennifer Wiedrick, CFO & prelim eventer

Stephany helps all of our clinic riders with her kind and gentle firmness, giving us help during the event plus thoughtful homework to practice until we see her next. She brings out the potential in our riders and horses.
— Meggan Holloway, Holloways pretty good horse barn

Simply put, Stephany is invaluable. Her memory is top notch, and she always remembers what we worked on the previous lesson. Then, she adds another building block (or several!) that is completely customized for each client.
— Michele Russell, Dressage Student

She creates tools we can use on our own so we’re not “trainer dependent.” Intuitive, insightful, and compassionate, Stephany avoids the ego trips, power plays, and control issues of other trainers.
— Hertha Lund, Dressage Student