Dressage Services

From individual lessons to horse training (young horses through FEI), biomechanics clinics to coaching, our services suite meets your dressage needs from A to X (pardon our dressage humor). 


RIDER training

Whether you're interested in one day a week or five, we work with you to analyze your goals, identify and remove barriers, and create a step-by-step action plan that helps you reach them.

Adult amateurs and professionals alike seek out Stephany for one-on-one training because she approaches every student holistically. She listens first and speaks second. She discovers how you learn best and adjusts her style so lessons "click" with you faster. She takes your goals to heart (no matter how big or small they may be) and vows Works to help you reach them. Dressage should fill you with joy and excitement -- if it doesn't, it's time to try a new trainer!

Bottom Line: Stephany can help you gain the clarity, confidence, and simplicity to transform your theoretical knowledge into action and excel at every level while building a beautiful partnership with your horse.


HORSE training

Training is the heart and soul of Serendipity Dressage, and we customize training plans to each horse in our program. Rather than force all horses to learn in a single way, Stephany knows "there are many paths to Rome" and adjusts her strategy based on the needs of the individual horse. We also believe horses respond best to strategic variety, so we incorporate groundwork, cavalettis, long lining and hacking out into our training plans. 

Blending her work with many excellent trainers, from Olympic Alternate Heather Blitz to the groundwork and horse sense she receives from master horseman Harry Whitney, Stephany trains each horse with a clear goal in mind. The result? Horses emerge from her training program calmer, more athletic and confident, and happy to do their jobs with ease and joy.

Bottom Line: Horses receive clear expectations, the confidence and skills to meet them, and develop the athleticism to advance through the levels. 


biomechanics clinics

Whether you're an instructor who wants to further inspire your students or an equestrian club interested in hosting an event for your members, Serendipity Dressage clinics help riders of all levels and all disciplines become more balanced, confident, and joyful.

Clinics are designed around a foundation of rider biomechanics, and Stephany is one of only nine accredited coaches for Mary Wanless' Ride With Your Mind Biomechanics System in the United States. Depending on your goals, she can incorporate unmounted sessions, training rides, and/or Q&A discussions in a private or group lesson environment.

Throughout, Stephany uses creative exercises and stories tailored to each rider in order to help him or her improve straightness, collection, understand the theory behind classical movements, and internalize the WHY behind each activity. 

Note: Clinics are typically 2-3 day events, and Stephany is happy to travel to your facility (expenses paid). 


competitive coaching

Butterflies in your stomach. Drawing blanks remembering your tests. "My horse is so much better at home" syndrome. As an FEI rider and seasoned competitor on the regional and national level, Stephany understands the mindset and skill set necessary to go from the training arena to the winner's circle. Whether you need a new strategy to compete with confidence, an onsite coach to ensure you enter the ring at your best, positive competitive coaching can help you take your performance to the next level.